2016 M:MM Uganda
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Empowering communities (men, women, and youth) through whole life training and discipleship for God's glory!

M:MM receives gifts, donations, grants and material resources from well wishers and partners to further their work of wholistically transforming communities.

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We are a community development organization that integrates evangelism & discipleship with development at grass root levels in the community. 


  1. Church and Christian NGO leaders adopt the culture of a Wholistic Development approach to Missions and Discipleship.

  2. People in communities able to identify and solve their own problems.

  3. People in the communities economically empowered through their self initiated Income Generating Activities (IGA).

  4. Evangelical Church & Christian NGO leaders trained through Whole-life discipleship trainings; – foundations, skills I & II and applying the knowledge attained to carry out ministry.

  5. Improved agricultural food production & security, general health, income generation and spiritual health.

  6. Saved and discipled people in the communities.

  7. Youth empowered with life skills.