2016 M:MM Uganda
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Youth training has been successfully completed with more than 20 trainings.  The lessons were: introduction to whole life discipleship, computer trainings, stewardship (resources, time, environment, bodies), purposeful living, selecting careers, savings, modern farming methods and farming vegetable gardens, and planting trees. 20 trees have been planted, many youth have shared about jobs they’ve received or about their tertiary education, some youth have their own business (like making chapatti), and their goat project is growing. Spiritually, youth share that they’re now able to pray and read their Bibles. In Nabweye, Timothy shared that he now knows how to lead a Bible study. Rita now feels capable of praying and reading the Bible in public, as well as in private. Julius shared that he is now able to have personal quiet time with the Lord, without depending on others to lead him through it.

In M:MM's new project area, Bukhalu, four Bible study centers were established and 24 Bible study leaders were trained in the inductive method. Over 12 members came to know the Lord through discipleship and evangelism. M:MM staff encourages CDA's to have independence in leading the study, so that their faith may be strengthened, and they may pass on these skills to those around them. Bible studies generally happen every week in each parish, and staff is able to attend about twice a month. Staff have been gifted with some Lumasaaba and English Bibles, and these have been a blessing to those in the community that have received them. 

The guest house of Mission: Moving Mountains has been undergoing much needed renovations.  The work is going on well, with new roofing/ceilings, new walls, door frames etc. However there continues to be much work to complete the project, and funds are low. Please consider donating today to fund this project. The guest house serves as an income generating activity for the ministry, and as a place to welcome visitors as they stay with us to learn about wholistic discipleship and development. 


The Bukhalu baseline survey-a tool for M:MM to know the "starting point" and needs in a community-was done successfully as planned. This was done in Bukhalu with staff, two board members, representation of Bulambuli district, sub-county, local council leaders and local councillors. The district representatives appreciated M:MM for the work done in Bukhalu, especially the marrum pit latrine demonstration that is able to withstand flooding, 14 points of a healthy home, and tree planting. Community members shared testimonies of how their lives have changed, giving an example of how there is now unity in the community and members are able to share a meal together, whereas previously there was much poisoning in Bukhalu. The local leaders appreciated the idea and usefulness of a baseline survey, giving a picture of what life is like on the ground in communities.

There are 60 active CDAs in Bukhalu who are implementing lessons they have been trained in, such as tree planting. There have been over 1,000 trees of different species planted. These trees help to improve the environment in Bukhalu, provide fruits and adequate nutrition, are used as firewood, and generate income as the CDA's are able to sell the trees.