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M:MM started working in Nabweye in 1989. Reaching this area was quite challenging because it was further away from the main road and up in the hills. Being remote, there were many issues facing people in this community-a lack of clean water, no health center, no schools, poor roads, no churches and de-forestation as people cut down trees for cooking/making charcoal. People used to fetch water from very far away, down the hill, without any roads and carry the water on their heads, and walk back up the hill. 

But through the knowledge, skills and empowerment provided from working with M:MM, a school was built, many people came to know the Lord, trees have been planted and income generating activities initiated (like savings groups, rearing chickens/goats/pigs, and improved farming methods).

Right now, M:MM has disciples here. One is called Dina, who is a leader of Bible studies in a Baptist church that they started. At the same time, she is a business woman, who buys bananas from the community and takes them to Kenya. From Kenya, she buys clothes and brings them back to sell to the community. She is able to do this because of M:MM's recommendation to build roads and this has made it possible for her to do this work. (The community saw the roads being built in Namawanga and decided to take it upon themselves to dig, build, and pave their own roads) She is respected by her husband and community, her children are being educated in secondary schools in town, and she has also been helping pregnant women by teaching them about practical personal healthcare and helps them as a personal birth attendant. 


This was the earliest project area, started in 1989. This was a very remote area, without roads, spiritual churches, any water source, a health center, any schools, extreme de-forestation (people used all the trees to burn as charcoal). Quarrels in homes and neighborhoods were quite regular. Infant mortality rates were very high because of preventable diseases. People were very passive, accepting the state of their lives and not having motivation for any change. 

Since M:MM's work in this area, they have very good roads, electricity, a very good health center, a primary & secondary school, and reforestation. Fights & quarrels have become few and far between, five churches have been started and are still functioning, people have been saved and are now being discipled. Preventable diseases are no longer killing children, there is no malnutrition because people have been taught to eat well and farm, and there are a number of bore holes for clean water. People were empowered to make changes in their lives and utilize local and available resources, then those made available by organizations, government, and NGO's.





Simu is one of the first project areas that M:MM, closely related to Yembe. This area also faced similar challenge to Yembe. But since working with M:MM, community members have been strengthened and empowered to generate income, improve the state of their homes and health, and have unity in their families. There is a women's savings group that meets weekly, and this group has greatly empowered the women in the community in have financial independence and has even brought strengthened marriages, as the husbands encourage their wives to attend these meetings.  

Mission: Moving Mountains began working in Bugobero in 1999.  One community member, Fred, relates how prior to being trained and discipled by Mission: Moving Mountains, he was very isolated in the community.  However, after gaining skills from MMM he is now a church leader in an Anglican church and works as a village health trainer, and has been given a motorcycle so that he may carry emergent patients to be treated.  Fred also has been involved in a variety of agricultural activities/groups, and teaches those around him modern farming methods. 

A testimony from Makhai comes from Sarah. Sarah was very vulnerable at the time when M:MM first began working with her. After receiving training from M:MM, Sarah has been able to educate all her children and some of them are now working in good positions. She has been able to put up a good permanent house for living in. She is involved in church fellowships, and has discipled her neighbors on the 14 Points of a Healthy Home program. Sarah praises M:MM for making her life meaningful. 

M:MM began working in Khabutoola in 1999. Khabutoola is a part of Bugobero sub-county.


M:MM started work here in 1991. Due to the implementation of their 14 points of a healthy home, people in this area became well known for quality health. So much so that the district health officer came to investigate what they were doing to help people survive preventable diseases. He was so impressed with what this area was doing, that it helped strengthen M:MM's relationship with him. He recognized M:MM as doing a worthwhile job in regards to health in the district and county. As a result of this, he recommeded other areas for M:MM to explore for new opportunities to do community development. Besides the surveys that are done, this led to helping the communities of Bugobero and Khabutoola in 1999.

On their own initiative, these members have moved on to another community to start a Discipling for Development project. Three communities came to them for help and in using selection criteria, Namatiti was chosen to be the community that they would go and start community development. The new D4D group calls themselves MUBHODA (Muyembe Bright Hope Development Association)


Perez and Kanah are a couple from Lwangooli that say prior to working with M:MM, they had a poor living environment, poor sanitation (leading to disease) and poor agricultural methods.  However, after M:MM's intervention, the two are involved in many community programs (like the village health team). They now have a good, clean living environment and are happily living as a couple and a family at large. 


John is a community member from Busiu, serving as the chairperson of his village and the CDA group.  Prior to being discipled by M:MM, John was a drunkard and ignorant about development. John's life is now completely transformed.  He no longer drinks, is saved and has wedded his wife in church. He serves as a community health trainer and assists other members in forming saving groups, which provides economic empowerment. John appreicates M:MM for the knowledge given, and encourages others to welcome knowledge and skills because it is sustainable. 



M:MM has a youth program running in five different communities-Simu, Yembe, Nabweye, Busiu and Bumasikye.  Youth are discipled based on the same principles that M:MM uses with adults, in the five subject areas of health, agriculture, income generation, spirituality, and environment. Youth are also instructed in life skills, such as computer skills, cooking or rearing animals. Youth in the program now feel equipped to lead Bible studies or have personal devotions, and many youth have come to know the Lord Jesus as their Savior. 

Jesca, from Bumasikye, says that before working with M;MM she was hopeless with a very poor environment. After getting skills from M:MM, she is now a changed persona and a model for other community members. She is the secretary of a women's saving group that has a goat project. She is also a Bible study leader. She has managed to educate all her children from the ways she has learned to generate income and from the savings group.  Jesca now feels a life of hope and thanks M:MM for empowering her with knowledge.  She has gone ahead and discipled her neighbors in wholistic development, and they too are living improved lives. 


M:MM is currently actively involved in the empowerment stage in three parishes in Bukhalu-Simu,Busabulo, and Busiu.  CDA’s in Bukhalu are receiving training in various areas so that they may be empowered in all areas of their lives, and share that knowledge with those around them.  Prior to working with M:MM, Bukhalu was a place filled with diarrheal diseases, poisoning of others, idol worship and witchcraft. Since beginning work with M:MM in 2012, however, people have slowly begun to change and trust Jesus as Lord. Through this change, their lives are transforming and people are leaving those behaviors and beliefs.  Health has improved, there is more unity in the community (no poisoning), people think creatively to generate income, and the environment has changed-with many trees planted.  M:MM will continue to work in Bukhalu until it is evident that members are empowered and able to take what they’ve learned and teach it elsewhere, without the assistance of M:MM.


Iganga is a separate Discipling for Development site that began after being discipled in the principles of D4D. M:MM trained church leaders in this area, that are now discipling their church members on areas of D4D-spirituality, income generation, agriculture, health, and environment.